San Diego Public Library (Downtown)

Our first set of courses at the downtown library went live in January. The students were a mix of young students, teens, and adults and we opened to a full classroom. We also offered another series of classes in May focusing on teens and adults.

The course focused on basic programming concepts presented in the form of challenging yet fun exercises. These exercises force our students to focus and think strategically.

The class consisted of 24+ students and we had to add a few laptops to welcome additional students:


Our young students having fun working together:


Students implementing rules to create an interactive game:


Uyen Tran, the Emerging Technologies Librarian, had positive feedback regarding our program:

"I would like to thank you for reaching out to us and working with us here at the library. I was very amazed and thrilled to see all of the excitement on the kids' faces when they attended your Coding Camp. It was a great success. I have never seen so many happy kids on the computers creating their own games. Many of the parents are still talking to me about the program and asking for more.

Everyone on your team was amazing! They were all very professional and responsive.

Like many supporters of, I have always been a big believer that every can and should learn how to code. I am happy that we have a local organization here in San Diego that shares the same vision. As the Emerging Technologies Librarian at San Diego Public, I am always looking at ways to provide our public with access to new and emerging technologies and provide workshops that will empower individuals to create rather than consume technologies. I believe coding is one of the first steps in empowering individuals to do just that so thank you for helping me make my vision a reality.

I look forward to continue working with you. I really appreciate all of the work that you have done for our patrons here at our Central Library."

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